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Testing My Authentic Turkish Coffee Grinder

In order to make Turkish coffee you need very finely ground coffee. This is more fine than espresso grind. Almost like super fine powder. You won’t be able to achieve this using a blade grinder. That’s why I bought this authentic Turkish coffee grinder. I believe this classifies as a manual burr grinder. I picked it up when I was visiting Istanbul from the street shops behind Spice Bazaar in Eminönü. I’ve never used one of these before so that’s why I’m giving it a test run. Continue Reading →

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Countries that require visa to enter Turkey

Here’s a photo I took in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport before passport control.

U.S. passport holders are required to get a visa to enter Turkey. No application is required. Fly to Turkey and have $20 with you.

As far as other countries you may have to get a visa depending on where you’re from. Getting a visa for Turkey is very easy. For most countries including U.S. this is just a $20 fee. You get off your plane – before you get your luggage and go through passport control you find the line for visa. Get in that line. Have your money ready. Pay your $20 and now you can go to passport control. Then you get your luggage and walk through customs.

The countries that have to get a visa for Turkey are: Continue Reading →

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