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Egg in the basket with bell peppers

This egg dish has many names. The original is called “egg in the basket” and is made with a fried egg in the center of a bread. It is also called egg in hole. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter. Our version uses bell peppers instead of toast as the frame. It may be a good option if you’re looking for a low carb breakfast dish – but that’s not really my goal here. Continue Reading →

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spinach with eggs recipe (or why does spinach shrink so much?)

Why does spinach shrink so much when it is cooked? This is because the leaves contain a lot of water which escape when cooked.

A more scientific answer involves turgor pressure which exists in plant cells. Turgor pressure is the pressure of water filling up the cell membrane and pushing it against cell walls. This pressure is known as turgidity and it keeps the leaves of spinach nice and rigid.

When you cook spinach either the water pressure causes the cell wall to break and the leaves wilt or the heat itself breaks the cell wall and lets the water escape. I’m not too sure which happens first. In the end though you end up with very little spinach – that’s for sure.

Now let’s move on to cooking some spinach with eggs. Continue Reading →

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