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how to get Cuban espresso at Starbucks

how to get cuban espresso at starbucks
Cuban espresso is an espresso drink that originated in Cuba after the country was introduced to espresso machines. It’s also very popular in Florida. To make Cuban espresso you add sugar into the portafilter and then pull the shot. Some coffee shops refuse to make this drink as it may mess up their equipment, requires extra cleaning and slows them down. Starbucks does not offer this drink as most of them have upgraded to fancy automatic espresso machines where the barista only pushes a button. Continue Reading →

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how to make Cuban coffee

Cuban espresso is a great way to enjoy coffee in the afternoon. It is very sweet, so in my opinion it’s not appropriate to drink as your morning coffee. In this article I’ll show you how to make some great Cuban coffee using a stovetop espresso maker. This is also known as a moka pot in Italy and/or some other European countries. The one I have is a Bialetti – which works similar to a coffee percolator. Boiling water is forced through the chamber that contains the ground coffee and then it rises up to fill the top compartment. Continue Reading →

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