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Vitamin C recommended daily intake (dose) calculator

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I made a Vitamin C recommended daily allowance calculator – let’s call it Vitamin C dosage calculator. The values here are based on U.S. governments Office of Dietary Supplements. For infants under the age 1, the values only represent adequate intake. Males and females are advised to take the same amount of vitamin C until the age of 13, after which males have a slightly higher need for this vitamin. Smoking lowers the amount of vitamin C in your body so you’re advised to take an extra 35mg/day. Nursing and pregnancy are also factors effecting how much vitamin C you need. You can see this calculator to figure how much C vitamin you need everyday.

Also check out my Calcium and Vitamin D recommended intake calculator.

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Calcium and Vitamin D recommended intake calculator

I made a calculator to show recommended calcium and Vitamin D intake for men, women, and children. For children less than 1 years old just enter decimals in the age box. For example, for a baby 6 months old you’d enter 0.5.

  • Calcium and Vitamin D calculator

Up on reading I’ve discovered these values do not change for pregnant or nursing females. The only difference between male and females is in recommended calcium intake when you reach age 51. Women are recommended to increase their calcium consumption at age 51 to 1200mg; 20 years before men do.

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