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replace side marker on a BMW 740iL E38

I have a 2001 BMW 740iL. I already changed the tail light on it and wanted to put in new side markers as well. I was going to put up instructions with photos on how to do this but it literally took 60 seconds to finish it so I didn’t have time to take photos but this one.

Here is how to do it:
1. Pull out old side marker with the help of a flat head screw driver
2. Pull out the bulb and place it in the new marker
3. Push the new side marker in. You’ll hear/feel an obvious click.

That’s all.

I picked up my side marker from eBay. It cost 25$.

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how to replace tail lights on a BMW E38 740iL

I bought these tail lights from Amazon for $95 for the pair which I thought was a deal I couldn’t pass. Yes they’re made in Taiwan but still… They are called Spyder Auto BMW E38 7-Series Red Clear Crystal Tail Lights. It came with two amber light bulbs in case your previous ones were clear bulbs. Continue Reading →

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replace windshield molding on a BMW 740iL

If you own a pretty old BMW like mine (2001 740iL) then your windshield mount may look like this. Dry, brittle, breaking into a million pieces. At first I thought this was the seal for the windshield and didn’t think something I could install myself. After some research and it turns out this is just a molding and is pretty easy to fix. The part number is 51 31 8 125 887 and it is also known as upper window trim or gasket. Continue Reading →

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