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Guinness mixed with other beers and ciders

Guinness and Blue Moon mixed
Guinness is usually less dense than most other beers so when mixed with other beers and ciders it will float to the top. Here is what Guinness is mixed with other beers and ciders are called:

Guinness and Harp Lager = Half & Half
Guinness and Bass Pale Ale = Black & Tan
Guinness and Blue Moon = Black & Blue
Guinness and Smithwick’s = Blacksmith
Guinness and Ace Pear Cider = Dirty Pear
Guinness and Magners Irish Cider = Dirty Apple
Guinness and Kilkenny = Kill Kenny G
Guinness and Union Jack IPA = Black Jack
Guinness and Konig Wiess = King Arthur
Guinness and Oak Creek Brown = Black Oak
Guinness and New Castle = Black Castle
Guinness and Stella = Belgian Brunette
Guinness and Hoegaarden = Midnight in the Garden
Guinness and champagne = Black velvet
Guinness and Strongbow cider = Poor man’s Black velvet
Guinness and Honey Brown Lager = Bumble Bee

Harp and Magners Irish Cider = Snakebite
Harp and Ace Pear Cider = Ace Bite

Most of these are probably open for debate. You can call them whatever you like. Just have a seat and enjoy the beer. And if you have any comments write them below.

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