super simple diet and exercise plan to get leaner

easy-weight-lossHere’s a really simple daily diet and exercise plan you can’t mess up. This will help you get leaner and feel more energetic and increase your cardio performance.

Rule 1. Brisk walk for 20+ minutes in the morning before consuming any calories.
Rule 2. No calories after 7pm (or 4 to 5 hours before bedtime). Your dinner should be low in carbs.
Rule 3. Brisk walk for 20+ minutes after your dinner.

That’s all.

Follow these three rules and you’re guaranteed to lose weight. How much weight can you lose with this method in a month? Let’s do the math – after all it’s all about calories consumed vs calories burned.

Let’s say you walk for 24 minutes in the morning and at night. 48 minutes total. That should burn about 200 extra calories for rule 1 and 3 above. Let’s look at rule 2. It’s hard to get an exact number but let’s assume we’re eliminating a cup of carbs from your dinner. That means about consuming 200 calories less from your meal. Also we’re eliminating any night time snacking. Another 100 calories. That’s -200 calories from exercise, and -300 calories from your diet. 500 calories less per day. Keep this up for 30 days and you’ll lose somewhere between 4 to 5 lbs.

These rules also promote an increase¬†in fat burn. If you stop eating after 7pm and go on a night stroll you’re burning those readily available carbs. You continue doing the same with your morning walk before your breakfast. That’s about 12 hours of fasting. Then you continue with your usual breakfast and lunch. If you can resist those night cravings these three rules should help you lose fat.

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