shuttle from New Haven to Hartford

new-haven-to-hartfordIf you need to get to BDL airport in Hartford from New Haven you don’t have these¬†options other than public transportation:

1. You can take a cab. It will cost you about $140. Very pricey.
2. You can take Uber. That will cost you about $90. Still pricey but very flexible.
3. You can take a shuttle. I did this recently with CT Limo and it cost me $45.

I don’t have too much experience with them but they picked me up in a town car right on time at the pre-determined location as promised. There was only one other person in the car so it was overall a positive experience. Their schedule and everything else you need is at The only bad thing is I had to get to the airport very early as the next shuttle arrived same time as my flight.

UPDATE: On my return I gave them a call from the airport to be picked up. They promised to arrive in 10 minutes but were 15 minutes late so I waited 25 minutes. On the way back to New Haven the driver decided to detour and go CT Limo garage to pick up his pay check – which wasn’t very professional. So it was “meh” on the return trip.

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