quick review on Wink Hub GE Link Light bulbs

ge-link-bulbI’ve been using the Wink Hub and the GE Link light bulbs for a while now. Here is my review for the time being. It’s relatively easy to setup the Wink Hub. I think it’s a bit too large for what it does but if you can find a spot where you can hide it (mine is behind the TV) it shouldn’t be an issue. There’s no interface to talk or interact with the Wink Hub other than a single LED light on the front which I think is OK. I wish they had printed on the device what each color and blinking/solid meant though. Here’s my only downside with the hub. If your internet ever goes out, and it will at some point, Wink Hub may have some hard time reconnecting. Not a huge issue if you’re there to unplug and plug it back in. But imagine this happening at your summer house where the Wink is not within your reach. It might defeat the whole purpose of having internet connected light bulbs. Good think about the Wink Hub is your setting are saved on the cloud so you can manage from different devices without worry.

When I got the Wink Hub I paid about $50 when it was on sale Home Depot. Currently it’s about $75 on Amazon.

As far as the GE Link Light Bulbs I think they’re great. The first couple of them I purchased were about $15 but recently I was able to pick up two new ones from Target for only $7.48. They provide a nice soft light and feel well built. No buttons, no nothing. Just a light bulb that you simply screw in and connect from the app. Pretty cool. I wish I had more lamps to use them in. Currently have two on the patio that come on at sunset (automatically set based on your location in the world) and go off at sunrise. Genius.

Even though it has some minor glitches I would recommend the Wink Hub + GE Link Light bulb combo. Let me know if you have any questions!

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