kindle fire tablet stand made from office supplies

The idea for this tablet stand came from Deluxe iPhone Pencil Stand which took the idea from The Pencil iPhone Stand. The design is very similar in each one with minor differences. They are calling theirs iPhone stand but I like to call mine a Kindle Fire stand even though it supports any kind of […]

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spinach with eggs recipe (or why does spinach shrink so much?)

Why does spinach shrink so much when it is cooked? This is because the leaves contain a lot of water which escape when cooked. A more scientific answer involves turgor pressure which exists in plant cells. Turgor pressure is the pressure of water filling up the cell membrane and pushing it against cell walls. This […]

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replace windshield molding on a BMW 740iL

If you own a pretty old BMW like mine (2001 740iL) then your windshield mount may look like this. Dry, brittle, breaking into a million pieces. At first I thought this was the seal for the windshield and didn’t think something I could install myself. After some research and it turns out this is just […]

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