Pita Jungle Hummus with Sirloin

Pita Jungle makes the best hummus in Phoenix. This is one of their appetizers I got from Pita Jungle in Downtown Phoenix. It is called “Hummus with Sirloin”. (more…)

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Outlook Web App save passwords

I realized my company’s Outlook Web App never saved my password. It’s quite annoying when you log in multiple times a day. After a short research I discovered why. The log in page has this little tag in the form when you view source: (more…)

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BMW 760Li 2012

You’re looking at the brand new 2012 BMW 760Li. I just customized it on BMW’s website. It has a 6.0 liter, 48 valve, TwinPower Turbo V-12 engine that produces 535hp at 5250 rpm. The MSRP is around $137K but I went ahead and pretty much tried to build the most expensive luxury sedan I could […]

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Sunburn damage on cucumber seedling

So I transplanted my super healthy looking cucumber seedling outside thinking they had grown enough to survive outdoors. What I didn’t take into consideration was that plants could also get a sunburn. NM State describes this really well but basically this is what’s going on: When you start your plant (in my case cucumbers) indoors […]

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Egg in the basket with bell peppers

This egg dish has many names. The original is called “egg in the basket” and is made with a fried egg in the center of a bread. It is also called egg in hole. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter. Our version uses bell peppers instead of toast as the frame. It may be a good option […]

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list of all Girl Scout Cookies and their almost identical counterparts

Girl Scout Cookie season will soon come to an end and you may find yourself looking for the same taste throughout the year. Look no further because I compiled a list of all the Girl Scout Cookies and their substitutes!!! However keep in mind you’re helping a great cause when you purchase from Girl Scouts […]

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green lentils with ground beef recipe

Green lentils are super nutritious. They have about 30% protein content and they’re delicious. Here’s a really healthy green lentils recipe with some ground beef for even more sustenance. (and yes the recipe calls for Hefeweizen) (more…)

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Calcium and Vitamin D recommended intake calculator

I made a calculator to show recommended calcium and Vitamin D intake for men, women, and children. For children less than 1 years old just enter decimals in the age box. For example, for a baby 6 months old you’d enter 0.5. Up on reading I’ve discovered these values do not change for pregnant or […]

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clean brain MRI

This is what a clean brain MRI looks like! I had some problem with vertigo and doctor suggested I get an MRI. In the end I had no diagnosis but at least I have cool images of my brain. If you go to get an MRI make sure you ask for a personal copy. The […]

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pizzeria bianco

Pizzeria Bianco makes pretty much the best pizza you can eat in Phoenix, and arguably the best pizza in the U.S. Went with a group of friends and ordered the Rosa, and the Biancoverde. This is what they look like: (more…)

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