Shady Taco Tuesdays in Phoenix

[I will update this page as we visit more taco joints] My work happens to be located in downtown Phoenix and some colleagues and I decided to do Taco Tuesdays with a twist: “Shady Taco Tuesdays”. So every Tuesday for lunch we look for a taco place that has all or at least one of […]

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Guinness and Blue Moon mixed

Guinness mixed with other beers and ciders

Guinness is usually less dense than most other beers so when mixed with other beers and ciders it will float to the top. Here is what Guinness is mixed with other beers and ciders are called: Guinness and Harp Lager = Half & Half Guinness and Bass Pale Ale = Black & Tan Guinness and […]

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find friends on Instagram screen is stuck

I’m using Android and my Instagram app is stuck on the home page where I usually scroll through the latest photos from my friends. There’s a big green button that says “Find Your Facebook Friends”. I can press this, come back to main screen without following anyone and it’s still not showing me the home […]

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Movies with black presidents in the last 25 years

In the last 25 years Hollywood has produced 5 movies with black presidents. These are: The Fifth Element (1997) Deep Impact (1998) Head of State (2003) Idiocracy (2006) 2012 (2009) In my opinion Morgan Freeman was the best black president, but the Fifth Element was the best movie out of this short list. The Fifth […]

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AT&T GoPhone GPRS charges

I needed an emergency phone for a few months for some visitors so I signed up for a prepaid cell phone plan from AT&T. Their prepaid plan is called GoPhone and gives you various options. I went with this: 10¢/minute for voice and 20¢ for text messages sent or received. Simple enough, right. (more…)

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BMW 760Li 2013

Last year I custom built my very own 2012 BMW 760Li. It only cost $162,258 at the time but it’s time to sell that one and buy this year’s model. Meet the new BMW 760Li 2013. I haven’t made the purchase yet – I’m about the call my dealer and put in my order. Let’s end sarcasm. […]

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Film making steps and Oscar categories

I decided to watch the Oscars this year and even wanted to make some predictions. I looked over the categories and nominees but soon realized I didn’t even know what some of them meant or who they were. I wanted to know how these Academy Award nominees played a role during the production and when […]

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How to Bake Lamb Shanks (with photos!)

I looked around for some recipes for lamb shanks but almost all of them did the same thing. Braised. I didn’t feel like doing that so I decided to bake my lamb shank. (more…)

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Spaghetti with walnut pesto sauce

I just made some spaghetti with walnut pesto sauce (from scratch). It’s delicious and really easy to make. If you’re looking for a creamy pasta sauce without any cream (ok there’s some parmesan in there) then this is the way to go. You’ll need a food processor. (more…)

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Myth of Junk DNA is about creationism – returned for full refund!

I was looking for some books about genetics on my Kindle and came across “The Myth of Junk DNA”. I looked at the description without too much thought and bought it. Halfway through the first page I realized my mistake. This book is not about real science or biology. It’s about creationism. It supports the […]

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