how to make Cuban coffee

Cuban espresso is a great way to enjoy coffee in the afternoon. It is very sweet, so in my opinion it’s not appropriate to drink as your morning coffee. In this article I’ll show you how to make some great Cuban coffee using a stovetop espresso maker. This is also known as a moka pot in Italy and/or some other European countries. The one I have is a Bialetti – which works similar to a coffee percolator. Boiling water is forced through the chamber that contains the ground coffee and then it rises up to fill the top compartment.

There are several Cuban coffee brands out there. Cafe Bustelo, Pilon and Cafe La LLave are the ones you can easily find in the U.S. I also used a milk frother to mix the sugar but this is optional – you can just use a spoon too.

First thing you want to do is to fill the bottom chamber of Bialetti moka pot with cold water. And then fill the funnel with ground coffee. You do not need to press them down (see image at very top). Clear coffee grounds from the rim, screw in the top chamber and place on the oven but be sure that the handle is not directly over the heat.

Now add two table spoonful of sugar to your coffee mug (preferably a small one) and wait for the coffee to start brewing. This will take several minutes depending on the heat source.

With the first sight of coffee in upper chamber…

…remove from heat and soak your sugar with this thick condensed coffee.

Place the moka pot back on the stove for all the coffee to brew and while that’s going on start mixing the sugar with the thick coffee until it looks like a delicious paste. The better you mix the more crema you’ll have.

When all the coffee have filled in the top chamber of your Bialetti pot you’re ready to fill your mug. Do this slowly as to not disturb the delicate crema you put so much effort into.

You’re ready to enjoy some Cuban coffee. Let me know what you think!

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