find friends on Instagram screen is stuck

instagram-find-stuckI’m using Android and my Instagram app is stuck on the home page where I usually scroll through the latest photos from my friends. There’s a big green button that says “Find Your Facebook Friends”. I can press this, come back to main screen without following anyone and it’s still not showing me the home screen. This must a bug that was just introduced in the last couple of weeks. This probably is the screen that shows up if you’re not following anyone – but I’m following over 100 people. Maybe that’s where the bug is.

Here is what you can do. A) just wait for it to go away or B) make the software happy and maybe follow someone new. I’ve tried both options and both got around the problem temporarily.

Hopefully the software engineers at Instagram are on top of this. Just make sure to go the Play Store and get the latest updates if there are any.

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