BMW 760Li 2013

bmw-760li-2013-04Last year I custom built my very own 2012 BMW 760Li. It only cost $162,258 at the time but it’s time to sell that one and buy this year’s model. Meet the new BMW 760Li 2013. I haven’t made the purchase yet – I’m about the call my dealer and put in my order. Let’s end sarcasm. This year price went up just a bit. The base MSRP for this BMW is $140,700 but after all the options and custom packages are added the price was $168,933.

bmw-760li-2013-03Here are some of the specs on this ultimate driving machine. You’ve got a 6.0 liter, 48 valve, TwinPower Turbo V-12 engine. Pretty impressive. It gets you 535 horsepower with the two turbochargers with variable valve control (Double-VANOS) and high-precision direct injection. It’s an 8 speed automatic transmission vehicle but you have the option to manual shift. It’s a powerful beast but also tries to be gentle with the environment by regenerating brake energy into electrical power.

bmw-760li-2013-05Some of the most costly packages were the BMW Individual Composition which was $5,200, the Bang & Olufsen sound system which was $3,700, rear-seat entertainment professional with iDrive control for $2,700, enhanced active cruise control for $2,400, and the night vision with pedestrian detection for $2,600. Ooo let’s not forget the BMW cold weather V-Spoke 234 wheel and tire assembly which cost me $3,180. The rest of it was little things such as the BMW iPad holder for $180, and the BMW carpeted floor mats for $222. This year’s gas guzzler tax was only $
As for price comparison – for the same cost as this BMW you can get a really decent house in Phoenix with a pool or about eleven Yaris’ from Toyota.

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