Goat milk does have lactose.

does goat milk contain lactose?

YES. Goat milk does have lactose just like cow milk. Almost as much as cow milk but just a bit less (91 percent). Same goes for goat cheese and goat milk yogurt. If you have lactose intolerance and considering consuming goat milk products keep this mind. As usual the best thing to do is to […]

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list of Android One countries

UPDATE: 8/18/2015. A whole bunch of African countries were just added to this list: Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Egypt, and Morocco. Here is a list of the Android One countries as well as a map colored with respect to their populations. India Pakistan Bangladesh Nepal Sri Lanka Indonesia Philippines Turkey Myanmar Nigeria Ghana Ivory […]

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Is Elon Musk in the movie Transcendence?

Yes. That’s Elon Musk in the beginning of the movie sitting in the audience listening to a talk about AI (artificial intelligence). He doesn’t appear any other time in the movie. The movie is from 2014 and is about singularity. Some of the cast includes Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman.

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gogo inflight wifi internet is so expensive!

I was flying from Phoenix to Detroit the other day on Delta Airlines and decided to check out the prices for in flight Wifi. I feel like the prices have actually gone up since this service became available. I believe the biggest company offering this service (and perhaps the only one?) is Gogo. My flight […]

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shuttle from New Haven to Hartford

If you need to get to BDL airport in Hartford from New Haven you don’t have these options other than public transportation: 1. You can take a cab. It will cost you about $140. Very pricey. 2. You can take Uber. That will cost you about $90. Still pricey but very flexible. 3. You can take […]

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nitrogen vs carbon dioxide beer

This is simply a difference on how fizz is introduced to beer. During fermentation yeast cells naturally create carbon dioxide gas in beer. During bottling or kegging process more carbon dioxide (CO2) can be added. Most beers are carbonated using CO2. But some are carbonated using nitrogen (N2). Nitrogenated beers are not purely N2. It’s […]

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how to – minutes left in chapter in Kindle

I use the Kindle app on my tablet and it calculates the amount of time it would take me to finish the chapter. I like this feature a lot – when it works. But when it doesn’t my engineering mind kicks in and I try to figure out the algorithm that calculates this number. It […]

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Shady Taco Tuesdays in Phoenix

[I will update this page as we visit more taco joints] My work happens to be located in downtown Phoenix and some colleagues and I decided to do Taco Tuesdays with a twist: “Shady Taco Tuesdays”. So every Tuesday for lunch we look for a taco place that has all or at least one of […]

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Guinness and Blue Moon mixed

Guinness mixed with other beers and ciders

Guinness is usually less dense than most other beers so when mixed with other beers and ciders it will float to the top. Here is what Guinness is mixed with other beers and ciders are called: Guinness and Harp Lager = Half & Half Guinness and Bass Pale Ale = Black & Tan Guinness and […]

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find friends on Instagram screen is stuck

I’m using Android and my Instagram app is stuck on the home page where I usually scroll through the latest photos from my friends. There’s a big green button that says “Find Your Facebook Friends”. I can press this, come back to main screen without following anyone and it’s still not showing me the home […]

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